Big Band Transcriptions, Big Band Arrangements, Big Band Charts
These are Big Band Arrangements, Big Band Transcriptions, Big Band Charts, 1920s Band transcriptions and arrangements, Dixieland arrangements and transcriptions, Combo charts, Benny Goodman solos, Clarinet solos, Orchestra and more.

Big Band Transcriptions… transcribed/arranged by Mike Henebry (ASCAP)

Big Band Transcriptions, Big Band Arrangements, Big Band Charts… Also concert band, Dixieland Band, Combo, Symphony Orchestra, etc. All Downloaded as digital pdf files. Click links above to go to lists.

About 700 of my Big Band Transcriptions, Big Band Arrangements, Big Band Charts, 1920s big band transcriptions, concert band arrangements, Dixieland charts, combo and other sheet music, music scores and Big Band sheet music for sale. Click on the links above to navigate to the various styles. These charts are either transcriptions (“record copies” or “takedowns”) or arrangements (“originals” or “specials”). The Big band transcriptions are generally note-for-note copies of the arrangements that the original big band recorded. I also have a book of 28 Benny Goodman solos that I transcribed from his recordings (not available anywhere else). Click the “Benny Goodman Solos” link (above). And, I sell a book of 23 clarinet solos (Pete Fountain, Artie Shaw, Jimmy Dorsey, Woody Herman, et al). The 23 clarinet Solos can be found on the Benny Goodman solos page. The Big Band arrangements are my own arrangements. I am also available for custom work (a transcriber or arranger for hire). And, please visit (where I sell my original compositions).

Big Band Transcriptions PDF CHARTS


(A “chart” is an arrangement, a full orchestration; it includes all of the parts for all of the instruments.)

Click on the links at the top of the page to find charts, sheet music, music scores, and orchestra arrangements in the style and instrumentation you are looking for. These “pdf charts” are all scanned and you will receive them as pdf files. You will arrive at PayPal, upon checkout. There, you can pay with your PayPal account, create a PayPal account or pay with a Credit card or a Debit card. You will be returned to this site and  be provided a download link that never expires.

I also do custom work (transcriptions, arrangements, film scoring, karaoke tracks, etc.). Please click on ” Custom Work” (above) or (where I sell my original compositions).


In addition to the volume discounts listed on the following pages (which are applied automatically), if you want to buy a large number of charts, please email me at: and I’ll give you a volume discount. I also sell whole libraries. For example, you can buy all 209 of my big band charts (all of the charts on the big band page) for $200, or all 174 of my 1920s charts for $170, all 72 of my Dixieland charts for $70 all of my 58 combo charts for $50, all of my 47 concert band charts for $45, all of my 116 Orchestra charts for $100. Or, all 676 of those charts for just $400!


A 21-page Booklet in pdf form, written by me, on the tools, tips and methods for transcribing anything from solos to Big Band recordings. $15 (Transcription Booklet).