Custom Transcriptions and Arrangements

Arrangements custom-made, Custom transcribing, any style; composing, backing tracks, etc.

Custom Transcriptions and Arrangements
Custom Transcriptions and Arrangements

Custom Transcriptions and Arrangements:

Custom transcribing, custom arranging for hire: If you have a recording that you’d like to have a transcription of, or a custom arrangement made, please ask. If it is something I can use for one of my own bands, or it might sell well, I will usually do it very cheaply. I will transcribe almost any recording. The fee would usually be in the $150-$350 range (depending on several factors). To inquire, please email a sound file (e.g., an mp3) of the recording you want transcribed to: Then I’ll get right back to you with a price. I use Finale notation software. So, you will get a commercial-looking chart with all the instrumental parts and the music score.

I can do a Big Band, Dixieland, 1920s Orchestra, Concert Band, or Symphony Orchestra arrangement of any song for you. I can also produce professional-looking sheet music of a song you have written. Please inquire:


I am also a composer. I’ve written many pieces of music in many styles (including three symphonies). I have the tools, experience and ability to write music for film, TV and video games. My prices are excellent and negotiable. Audio samples of my work are available at a web site dedicated to my own original compositions ( I’m also available as an orchestrator or any kind of music-related work. Please inquire:


I can make karaoke or music backing tracks (CD, wav, mp3, any format) for any instrumentation. You can use the tracks for sing-along and/or supplement the tracks with live musicians. Ideal for live performers and cruise ship or Vegas-type shows. Please email me at: for details and prices.

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